Josh’s Compact Home Gym

When we first set up Josh’s gym we just managed to fit in a Powertec LeverGym into his spare room downstairs. Over time he added some Ironmaster Dumbbells plus different sorts of attachments. As you all know this is a set up which is a favourite of mine – and one that can provide a lifetime of quality training.

So when Josh asked for an Ironmaster IM2000 we were scratching our heads and wondering if his gym had claimed another room in his house. However when we rocked up to build the gym, he had knocked down some cupboards and was going to dedicate the whole room to being a gym. Yes training in a home gym can be addictive!

When I decided to do the newsletter feature on the Ironmaster IM2000, Josh’s gym immediately came to mind. He sent through some pictures of the finished result and it is one of the best gyms we have seen.

It is easy to get caught up with the whole bigger is better when it comes to a home gym. But living in Sydney not everyone has the luxury of having a massive shed. So this is when choosing the right gym equipment for your limited space becomes critical. And in Josh’s case he has nailed it!

Josh trains with some mates, so the Ironmaster IM2000 was the perfect compliment for the LeverGym and Dumbbells. Not only did it give him exercises in smith machine format but also with the free bar holders he could do all the traditional barbell exercises. Plus the additional high and low pulley gave the boys the option to do supersets when training in pairs. Throw in the Ironmaster dumbbells and you can hit muscle groups in all manner of ways – leverage, barbell, smith, cable and dumbbells.

A lot of gyms more than twice this size don’t offer as much variety.

What is even more impressive is that it has been squeezed into just 12 square meters! The mirror work really sets this gym off and gives the illusion of loads more space.

So if you thought you did not have room for a killer home gym, hopefully Josh’s gym has given you some inspiration. Shortly I will be posting about an even smaller gym!