Joshs New Home Gym

Big thanks goes out to Josh from North Queensland for sending in a pic of his new home gym set up. Josh previously had a single garage set up, which he sold off, and has gone for an off the wall double garage set up.

north queensland gym equipment

This is what Josh had to say about his new rig…….


Once again id like to say thanks to you and the boys from sams fitness. finally finished setting it up and its amazing. your gear is by far the best money can buy!!

thanks again.


This is a near perfect set up for a double garage. Plenty of gym equipment, but not too overcrowded.

Josh can attack body parts with leverage, smith, barbell, dumbbell and cable. You would never run out of exercises or ideas. Plus there is plenty of space in the middle of the gym to perform free weight exercises.

north queensland gym

Why on Earth would you park your car inside a garage when you could have a gym like this? Yes the car is going to age a bit quicker, but you are going to be building strength and muscle  quicker than training at the local gym. When you sell your car you might lose a couple of grand off the price because the paint is a bit faded. But you can’t trade your body in when it gets buggered, so I know what I am going to look after!

If you one of those people that think you need the gym to motivate you to train, just let me know and I can tell you the tricks of the trade so that you will never get bored. Even with the most basic of kit. I haven’t trained in a gym for over 10 years. You are probably saying that I have got access to equipment that is better than the gym. The boys will tell you, I only use a hand full of equipment and my training is very basic. It is how you structure your workouts and change them that is the trick.

That way if you decide to go all out like Josh, it will turn into one of the best investments that you ever make!