Marcos Ultimate Man Cave Gym

I would like everyone to grab their protein shakers and toast Marco, he has assembled one of the most comprehensive home gyms we have seen. It is the complete package.

Now where do I start! A lot of people toss up whether to go with free weights or machines. If you have a big enough shed you can have both! Marco started out with the all time classic Powertec Multi System, which is a circa 2009 model. As he got more room in the form of that great looking shed he added the Powertec Power Rack System and the extremely rare yellow Powertec Functional Trainer – which I guess makes Marco’s gym even more of a stand out. It would have to be one of the most unique Powertec gyms in the world.

When you swing around the gym gets even better with the good old 10-40kg Power Maxx Dumbbells and the Powertec Leg Press. So for legs, Marco can hit them with barbell work, leverage squats, leg press, leg extensions and standing leg curls on the Multi System. There are more options than most gyms!

Last but not least, there is a Powertec Olympic Bench press over next to the Multi Gym. Seeing a gym like Marco’s makes me want to pack up and move out of Sydney so I could have a shed chock full with quality gym equipment!