Marks Barbarian Power Cage Gym

Big thanks goes out to Mark for sending in a picture of his Barbarian Power Cage Gym. The beauty about this set up is it’s simplicity. I just love the clean look – no clutter – it really gets you focused on some serious free weight training.

barbarian power cage gym

It is a pity that many weight trainers who have been conditioned to the corporate gym world would have no clue where to start with a set up like this. How do I train legs? What exercises are there for back?

But for a free weight junky, it would be a case of get out of my way and let me lift.

Weight training is constantly evolving, but one thing that has never changed is the importance of compound exercises. As a matter of fact, the current research indicates that they deliver even more bang for buck than what was previously thought.

So if you are going to bench press, squat, chin ups etc you might as well do them in style. For the money, there is no better power cage on the market than Barbarian Power Cage. This cage is the result of years of refinement, delivering maximum durability under the heaviest loads. Plus with some nice touches of gravity lock j-hooks and spotters both with barbell protection.

Mark opted to upgrade to the Barbarian Commercial FID Bench. So he will have the option of adding some attachments later on if he wants to spice up the training.

The lifting platform not only looks great, but comes in very handy if you want to get into some serious deadlifting, which can be very hard on gear if you drop directly on the floor.

On a lighter note, I really dig the rug. This is an old home gym tip if you want some cheap floor covering. Rugs that have been water damaged etc can be dirt cheap. Plus they add a bit of character. In Mark’s case, the minimalist look, combined with the rug given it almost an artistic look. A truly unique home gym! Thanks Mark.