Marks Ironmaster Home Gym USA

Mark has got himself a killer Ironmaster home gym set up. Even though he is based in the US, and purchased his gym from Ironmaster directly, we are adopting him into the Australian home gym movement. You see Mark’s gym layout is going to be a blueprint for a lot of us Aussies, especially those based in Sydney. In the past, we had the luxury of big sheds and double garages. With escalating house prices, a single car garage is going to be like a palace. So it is important that you maximise your space just like Mark has.

The Benchmark for Home Gym

When you need to maximise space, a compact smith machine gym—like the Ironmaster IM2000—should always be your go-to option. Just look how neatly it fits into Mark’s gym and still allows for freedom of movement. Plus, never underestimate the value of having weight storage at the back. Mark has got a fair few weight plates there, so having a weight plate tree of some sort would be a waste of floor space with no extra exercises offered.

You will also note that Mark has got himself two Super Benches. The only downside to being the most versatile workout bench in the world is that there are so many different exercises that you can do with it. Down the back corner, Mark has the Attachment Organiser loaded with attachments so he can now do super sets and giant sets. For example, he can hit close grip bench press on the IM2000 and super set it with preacher curls using the preacher curl attachment on the Super Bench.

But the easiest way to get the most number of exercises without chewing up floor space in your gym is to get the Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbells. A rack of fixed dumbbells in a space like this is just going to take up too much of a valuable wall space, which as you can see, is precious for hanging up cable attachments and other odds and ends. Or you will end up getting a rack and only having a limited number of dumbbells. So you will either find it hard to progress because the dumbbells go up in large increments, or you won’t be able to do certain exercises properly as you either have too light or too heavy dumbbells. Not only are the Ironmaster’s the world’s strongest adjustable dumbbells, but they are also ideal for strength training as you can increase weight in 2.5lb increments.

The end result is Mark has a gym which offers many options for training. Anyone familiar with Ironmaster products will know that Mark will never run out of variety and has many years of enjoyable training ahead of him.