Marks Space Saver Advanced Gym Review

Mark purchased his Ironmaster IM2000 in 2006 and over the years has added the Ironmaster Dumbbells plus various attachments to bring it up to the Space Saver Advanced Specs.

Here is what Mark had to say about his Ironmaster set up –

“This is a quick write up on my expeirance with your staff and equipment you sell.

I would like to thank Sam’s Fitness for over the last 6 years supplying me with high quality, highly functional training equipment that i have been using in my Garage gym setups.

All the Ironmaster equipment i have purchased has surpassed my expectations in functionality, usability and simplicity. The innovative team at Ironmaster continue to bring out new upgrades or tweaks to there equipment, saving the end user on having buy new equipment every few years. I have had my IronMaster2000 since 2006 and have been slowly been adding to the training collection, but i always check back in with Sam’s Fitness to see if any performance tweaks or equipment has been released for my chosen brand of training equipment.

I recommend anyone i know to go see Sam’s Fitness for any of there personal and commercial gym needs.

Cheers Mark”

Marks gym illustrates perfectly why the best gym for small spaces is the IM2000. You can see how it fits like a glove in the corner of his garage. It is designed so that the rear of the machine can fit flush to the wall and you can still easily access the weight plates.

So Mark can still use the garage to park a car or for general storage.

I guess the biggest advantage of going with Ironmaster is what Mark points out – the new products and accessories. Sitting on top of his smith machine is one of the best designed pull up bars around. With the ability to micro adjust hand positioning, you can get the absolute perfect position for any user. This simple attachment gives your training a breath of fresh air as you will have a new toy to play around and experiment with.

If you are an Ironmaster IM2000 owner and have some ideas for a new attachment or accessory just drop us a line.