Robins Compact Home Gym

A big thank you to Robin for sending in a pic of his super compact home gym. As you all know I have a real soft spot for these types of compact home gyms. You see it is easy to create a dream gym if you have loads of space and money. But when you have limited space like Robin does, you really have to think outside the square. By carefully choosing your gym equipment so it works with other attachments, plus a well thought out layout you don’t have to sacrifice any training functionality.

And Robin definitely isn’t missing out there……

Hi Francis,

We first purchased our Powertec workbench multi press back on the 23/11/2011 (our original testimonial is still up) with the pec fly, leg curls and preacher curl attachments with a powertec plate holder and a nice big stack of power maxx Olympic plates and over the last four years they have performed perfectly without any dramas at all.

Decided to now add the lat tower attachment and clean up my dumbells with one of your large dumbell racks, all delivered quick and without fuss, all setup easily and look the goods. With our still small gym area it’s been a pleasure working out with the powertec gear even in our tight space.

Below is a couple of photos of my home gym. It’s only 3m x 3.3m so it’s a bit tight but I have no problems getting everything I need done in there thanks to the Powertec gear (except for taking a descent photo of it… Had to stand outside the door to get these).

Thanks again to Sam’s fitness, greatly appreciated.

So lets take a look at Robin’s home gym

The Powertec Multi Press is a great machine to build a gym around. It is more than just a leverage chest press, it can be a complete home gym. The back exercises on the Powertec leverage machines have earned themselves legendary status over the years. Whether you use the lever arm for barbell style rows, prone rows or one arm rows like below, you can get some of the best back pumps you will ever experience.

The other big advantage of the Multi Press is that you can use all the optional attachments. With the Leg Lift Accessory, your chest and back machine can now train legs. The Preacher Curl Machine Accessory lets you hit arms. And the pec fly accessory is just as good as any stand alone pec fly machine.

But wait there is more! If you note how Robin has flipped the leverage arms on the multi press up. This now turns the multi press into a free weights bench to use with his rack of hex dumbbells. He has a set of Olympic dumbbell handles for movements like one arm rows that require heavier weight.

The latest addition of the Workbench Lat Tower Accessory finishes off the gym perfectly. When you can hit bodyparts with leverage and dumbbells, the addition of a high/low pulley for cable exercises multiplies your training variety exponentially.

You can also see Robin has managed to fit in a treadmill too, so his 3 x 3 gym has cardio too! When having a gym with such a tight space it is important to keep it neat and orderly. So the weight racks and dumbbell racks really help out there.

Even though it looks tight, I can tell from setting up many a gym myself that Robin has really nailed this layout. All the necessary areas are accessible and there is space where you need it. A great job all round.