Taylor’s Power Rack Dumbbell Gym

The Powertec Power Rack Dumbbell Gym can easily be described as simple—nothing fancy, nothing hi-tech—just good, old-fashioned iron and steel. They say that the simplest things in life are the best, and I think for gym equipment, that this statement is even more true.

While there have been a lot of changes in weight training, a lot of those changes have been directed at moving back to basic equipment. The increasing popularity of both CrossFit and powerlifting have created a growing demand for quality, heavy-duty power racks. You could train forever on a basic power rack set-up.

But adding a quality set of dumbbells into the mix will just give you that extra variety.  That is why our power rack dumbbell gym package has become hugely popular with those who want a solid free weight training set-up in the convenience of their home. You can see from Taylor’s set up here, that it fits nicely into a relatively compact space. Both the power rack and the dumbbell rack can be pushed right up against the wall, creating a nice open space for training outside the rack.

Best of all, going with a basic set-up like this, you can be assured that it will never become redundant. Unlike purchasing a TV which can become old hat in 12 months, I can’t see anything being any more effective than a power rack and a set of dumbbells in the foreseeable future. There might be some fads that will come and go, but I am pretty sure we will all still be doing barbell and dumbbell exercises for many years to come.

If you are tight on space or do not want to outlay so much money, you can go for the basic power rack gym package + the Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells. You won’t lose anything in functionality with this package, plus you can easily, and much more cheaply, expand your dumbbells out to 54kgs!