The secret whole body exercise that fitness industry does not want you to know about

CrossFit, Pilates, Zumba, F45 all of them claim to offer the ultimate whole-body workouts. Yet they either have a high injury rate or fail to deliver the optimum results. We have been working with the Mr Universe Winner Lee Priest, who just happened to be the most successful bodybuilder in Australian history, for close to a decade now.

For the 10-year anniversary, Lee shared some light on an exercise which propelled him to the very top of the bodybuilding chain.

No one truly talks about the training methods of the Golden Era of the bodybuilding. Bodybuilders from that era reminisce about how great it was, and how simple their training methods were. But do you really think you get that impressive from squats and steaks?

Bodybuilders like any competitive sportsmen and woman will play their cards close to their chest. Sure, they will point you in the right direction, but are they going to let you in on the secrets that they worked so hard to obtain?

Very few could train in the Bodybuilding Mecca and if you wanted to take your career to the next level, you had to secure your spot amongst the elite. This rite of passage was earnt, not given.

How Lee managed to do it, we do not exactly know. Nor we asked.

Muscle Groups Worked

Lats, Lower Back, Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes, Triceps, Forearms, Abs

Who should do this exercise?

If you have the necessary mobility and no pre-existing health conditions you can attempt to perform this exercise at your own risk. It is targeted towards advanced and Elite level athletes. By this we mean you must be a podium finisher in a national competition in an internationally recognised federation.

If you feel like you are not quite there, I will add a video which will help you to propel your training even further!

Should you do this exercise at the beginning or the end of your workout?

Obviously, it is recommended to perform this exercise at the end of your workout. It activates a lot of various muscle groups and you need to be properly warmed up to reap the optimum results and reduce the likelihood of injury.

How to:

There are two parts of this movement:

Upper Body:

– Stand around a metre apart from the top pulley of the Lat Machine.

– Choose a lighter weight for this exercise.

– Ideally, you would use a Revolving straight bar and Chain extension to be able to exercise through the whole range of motion.

– Keep your arms straight and bring them down.

– Lean forwards to around 45-degree as you bring your arms down.

Lower Body:

– Stand shoulder-width apart.

– Bring your leg forward when your arms are at the top.

– Swing your leg backwards in a controlled fashion when you are bringing your arms down.

Key areas to focus:

– It is easy to cheat in this exercise by using momentum, slow the movement down.

– Always keep your core tensed.

– Squeeze your glutes and hamstrings when you swing your leg behind you.

– Breathe in during the beginning of the repetition and keep the intra-abdominal pressure throughout the whole movement.

– Exhale at the top of the movement.

The Links in your Body

Everyone knows that you will achieve optimum results by mixing and matching the exercise. Chest and Triceps, Legs and Hamstrings and even Back and Biceps.

By knowing how to utilize them to their full extent you can achieve phenomenal results. The beauty of this exercise is that it targets your whole body so it can be used as a finisher to your every workout.

The process of activating so many muscle groups by effectively utilising two isolation movements triggers a massive anabolic response. Sure, this happens when doing squats and deadlifts but there is also a significant overload that requires a longer recovery.

Using this method, you get the same neural activation for strength, but without the same level of muscle breakdown. While you still need to do heavy compound movements in some workouts, using this hack will allow you to achieve similar outcomes without the extended recovery time.

You can pack in more workouts during the week and accelerate your muscular development.

For even better results:

If you are serious about weight training, there are legal ways to increase your natural testosterone levels. Lee Priest covered this topic in the video below: