A Compact Cable Crossover Powertec Shape System

Looking for a compact cable crossover? The Powertec Shape System is a highly versatile piece of gym equipment. Not only can it be an awesome addition to an existing gym, it is also a great as a multi gym for people who are looking to maintain their strength and tone their muscles.

Like a Cable Crossover but Better

In this video Brad goes through some of the exercises that can be performed on the Powertec Shape System.

If you are not after explosive strength and muscle mass this is a perfect multi gym. The cable and pulley arrangement is great for weight trainers who are not confident with dumbbells or barbells. This compact cable crossover has a small footprint and the bench folds away so it does not take up much space.

You can see from our other videos with this machine that you can train your whole body. Even legs. The bench on the shape system accepts the Powertec Leg Extension attachment. There are two great exercises right there. Plus make sure you give these squat rows a go too.

p-ss powertec shape system leg extensions

The Perfect Partner

In a home gym environment, it is the ultimate addition for the advanced weight trainer who is looking to add more variety. For example if you had a Powertec Power Rack System or Powertec Multi System the Powertec Shape System would be a great alternative to dumbbells for performing isolation exercises.

The cable movements allow you supplement your heavy pressing movements giving your joints a break from compound movements. Brad also explains the advantages of the new compact design over traditional cable crossovers. Performing cable flys on the Powertec Shape System provides greater isolation of the pecs than an old school cable crossover. Plus it takes up half the space!

I like this compact cable crossover so much that I have it my gym. My personal favourite exercise is the seated bench press.