Ab Crunch Machine on the Powertec Multi System

The ab crunch machine station on the Powertec Multi System will add variety to your core training. If you are chasing the elusive six pack you might be sick of sit ups by now. Having an ab crunch machine will allow you to add weight and increase resistance.

Beware Of Ab Crunch Gimmicks

Ab exercises are the source of a great deal of misinformation in the weight training world. Companies exploit people’s insecurities surrounding their guts by bringing out a wide variety of useless garbage. They all promise that they will give you a six pack in a week and a half. If you don’t know what I am talking about, stay up and watch late night tv.

Correct Form Is the Key

In this video Brad explains how to do ab crunches properly on the Powertec Multi System. He more importantly explains the important factors in an ab workout. Brad explains how to structure your ab workout. Plus what are the appropriate number of sets and reps.

Customers often remark that there is not a lot of room for weight on the ab crunch machine on the Powertec Multi System. There is a good reason for this – you don’t need a lot of weight to do this exercise properly.

You can move a lot of weight on this exercise but you will not be using your abs. But you won’t get any benefit from turning a good ab exercise into a poor back exercise by using too much weight.

wb-ms16 powertec multi system ab crunch

You can see in the video that Brad is not using much weight. Once you get yourself in the correct range and you load up the abs you will start shaking like a leaf in a strong breeze. The range of motion is just short and if you stay withing that range you will be keeping constant tension on the abs.