Barbarian Commercial Power Cage Review by Huss

I always have a soft spot for home gyms like Huss’s. It is exactly what I would have got when I was ready to give training at the gym the flick. It is simple, heavy duty and you have got limitless exercises – if you put your mind to it.


Instead of me jibbering on about what you can and can’t do, or how good the gym equipment is, lets here from Huss himself:

“My Review….


This cage is capable of handling serious work-outs. I’m 6’1 and the proportions of the cage fit me just fine. It’s sturdy & has a relatively small footprint. The best part of using a cage is that you can self-spot and, therefore, push yourself w/ less risk of injury.

If you add a 150 kg weight set (recommend the 150 kg bumper set with Olympic barbell), an adjustable bench (the barbarian incline/decline bench) & dumbbells (adjustable ironmaster quick lock dumbells), you will have a very functional gym that goes beyond general fitness.

The lat tower is an option, but I find chin-ups much more effective at building back muscle & symmetry. Plus I save money and space.I looked at a couple of other cages, and the Barbarian is the best buy.


The unit arrives in three large boxes. It’s heavy (which is good) and surprisingly easy to assemble. All parts were included with my shipment and all parts fit as they should.


(after adding weights & a bench)Everything you need to get in shape and build all parts of your body with the safety of self-spotting


No major complaint. Perhaps the addition of some band pegs in the package would have been ideal.


Excellent service. Had a few questions regarding cage set up which was immediately taken care of by Francis and this was after business hours late on a Saturday arvo. Would definitely order from Sams fitness again, quality products and quality customer service.Best

Regards Huss”

Some people who currently train in gyms think that they need a boat load of gym equipment to get a decent workout. These people have often trained their whole lives in fancy gyms where there is a machine for every body part. But old school lifters will tell you there is plenty that you can do with a robust power cage, dumbbells, barbell and a quality FID bench. If you aren’t an old school lifter, just grab one of the old time weight lifting books. I used to love reading them and trying out different exercises.

If you have a favourite old school exercise, let us know and we can get Lee Priest to demonstrate it.