Barbarian – The Compact Commercial Power Cage

Do you want a compact commercial power cage? Have you been drooling over high quality commercial power racks but wished they were just a little more compact? Well the Barbarian BB-9030 Commercial Power Cage might just be your answer!

I recently posted Peter’s awesome home gym picture he sent in.

compact commercial power cage gym

Other than being a classic home gym shot, it highlighted just how compact the actual footprint of this genuine commercial cage really was. So much so, I got a lot of requests for measurements and comparisons. To demonstrate just how compact this set up really is, I thought I would do a side by side footprint comparison with the legendary Powertec power rack.

compact commercial power cage

For just the power cage alone, you can see that the Barbarian BB-9030 is only 26cm deeper. FYI all full size cages are going to be 124cm-125cm in width, so that is why I am only looking at depth. But where it gets really interesting is when we add a lat option……

As you can see the difference is bugger all. Now take into consideration I have used the Power Cage System with 125kg weight stack. The plate loaded version would require a little extra depth – about 25cm – to accommodate a 20kg weight plate (less than half extends beyond the footprint).

Whichever lat option you decide, it really is quite amazing that you can get yourself a fair dinkum commercial system in such a small footprint.  So don’t let the “commercial” tag throw you off.

Remember this cage has been designed for the European market. In most major European cities, gyms and studios are compact. So they need gym equipment that has a compact footprint, without sacrificing quality and durability. That sums up the Barbarian cage to a tee!

Australia is heading down the same path – with high rents/property values. So we are seeing many gyms looking for space saving cages. Lee spotted one of our Barbarian cages at the recent opening of Ironforce Gym.

barbarian power cage