Biceps and Triceps Workout on the Powertec Shape System

The biceps and triceps workout on the Powertec Shape System is one of the best around. As Brad explains, you have loads of variety plus you can superset biceps with triceps to really blast your arms.

Biceps and Triceps Super Set Workout

The Powertec Shape System adds another dimension to a superset arm workout. When you do a superset biceps and triceps workout on a traditional high and low pulley like the Powertec Power Rack System you can not change weight. If you do, you have to have a rest. Or you have to use the same weight for the bicep exercise as I use for the tricep exercise.

This is sweet as I just add an extra couple reps if the weight is a little on the light side. However on the Powertec Shape System, you can dedicate one pulley to triceps and one pulley to biceps. This allows you to superset a one handed movement with a two handed movement.

This allows to go back and forth between the exercises without a break. This is the perfect recipe for a killer arm pump. The sort of thing you do wearing your jeans before you hit the town for a night out!

p-ss powertec shape system bicep curls

For example you might superset one arm bicep curls with a two handed tricep pressdown. This virtually doubles the combinations of exercises that you can superset together. If that still is not enough variety you can also add the Powertec Curl Machine Accessory and perform preacher curls.

Cable Attachments For Even More Variety

The possibilities for you biceps and triceps workout become endless when you factor in cable attachments. There are so many quality cable attachments available these days. With different angles and grips you can add a new flavour to your favourite exercise. They are relatively inexpensive. But a new toy in the gym does wonders for your motivation.