Boydys Barbarian Vertical Knee Raise

Finally getting a chance to go through a lot of the old photos our customers have sent in. This is yet another classic piece of Aussie ingenuity from our mate Boydy. He has mounted his Barbarian Vertical Knee Raise on his cable crossover – bloody brilliant!

barbarian vertical knee raise

This is a very clever piece of thinking by Boydy. You will see in the background that wall space is at a premium. He is a bit like me in that he obviously has a fetish for hanging things on the wall. There is no wall space at our warehouse either! So mounting the knee raise on the wall is obviously out of the question.

So I will let Boydy talk you through what he did…….

“Hey mate sorry for taking a while to get back to you but here are a few pics of how I fixed my Barbarian wall mount dip knee raise to the end of my large pin loaded cable crossover machine.

The end supports of this machine are not parallel and taper out wider as they go down which made it difficult to mount this Barbarian attachment with parallel holes, plus there is a cable running around the outside middle of the end of the crossover which had to clear the back of the Barbarian attachment so I had to use a section of 5mm thick, 100 x 100mm square tubing to solve both these problems, I bolted one side of these to the machine and then bolted the Barbarian into the other side of these with some heavy stainless bolts and then I capped the ends just to tidy it up.

It’s very sturdy and works really well like this for both dips and leg raises, and great how I can now quickly slide both arm pads on or off and sit them out of the way when not in use.”


Now if you are an average punter with no mechanical aptitude I don’t suggest you go hacking up your favourite piece of gym equipment. You can see from Boydy’s previous projects that he is pretty switched on when it comes to mods. So if you aren’t confident I reckon you might be better off leaving it alone or find a mate that can do the job properly.

Although gym equipment is pretty basic, just steel welded/bolted together, if you balls something up you can get pretty seriously injured. So it is always best to play it safe. But if you are handy, go for gold and send us a pic!