Compact Power Rack Gym Package

If you are looking for a compact power rack gym package, the Megatec Power Rack + Ironmaster Super is proving to be a very popular partnership. Good old fashioned barbell free weight training is the simplest, most effective – in terms of cost and benefit, for setting up a home gym. With our special deal, this would have to be the best value in Australia for genuine QUALITY GYM EQUIPMENT.

Yes you can get cheaper power racks, but they don’t come with premium j-hooks with barbell protection. When you have a set up in the house like Ben’s, it is just a nice feature to have if you plan on training early in the morning or late at night. You don’t have to worry about waking up the wife or kids when you are re-racking a heavy squat.

In Charlie’s case, he was tight on space. Both the Megatec Power Rack and Ironmaster Super Bench have a reputation from around the world for being compact, and more important, heavy duty. Just because you are restricted with space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice hard training.

At just over $1,500, and in comparison to gym fees, the Megatec Power Rack Package is a very affordable way to get into weight training. The various 5 x 5 style training programs that work on the compound exercises, have proven beyond reasonable doubt to be highly effective. Much more effective than prancing around in a gym doing some isolation cable exercises, in between posting on Facebook about your sick gainz.

Later on, if you don’t want to expand your workouts, both Ironmaster and Megatec offer quality add ons. You can build quite an amazing gym, around these two pieces of equipment. There will be no need to upgrade as they can handle all the weight that you can throw at them.