DHS Bumper Plates – Hercules

After much deliberation, we have finally taken the plunge into the bumper plate market. We have decided to go with DHS Bumper Plates and their Hercules range. Our partners Maxim Strength have been distributing them in Australia for many years.

Hercules Weightlifting Equipment

Choosing the Right Bumper Plate

So what was the cause of the deliberation? Well when I first got into the game quality bumpers were super expensive and hard to get. Plus there wasn’t a lot of demand. As strength training and cross fit grew in popularity cheaper bumper plates became available.

Like everything in the fitness equipment industry, people started cutting the ass end out of the product to get the price down. These poorly constructed bumper plates were not able to stand up to the rigorous training.

If you are doing serious lifting with heavy weights, “cheap bumper plates” is really a contradiction of terms. You can’t expect to get decent use out of something when it cops an absolute hammering. Especially in any form of commercial environment.

DHS Bumpers Stand the Toughest Tests

Our good friends at Maxim had been selling the Hercules and DHS bumper plates for years. They operate in the higher end of the market and have put them into NRL, AFL, Sports Institute Gyms etc over here. At International weightlifting events, DHS Bumper Plates are commonplace in competition. The Hercules plates feature in the warm up areas.

And even at the Beijing Olympics! Got to the IWF site and see what other weight plate suppliers are IWF certified and you will see the level they are at.

What Bumper Plates are best for me?

We know the Hercules Bumper Plates are expensive. But if you are getting serious about strength training sooner or later you are going to have to invest some dollars one way or another. A Hercules barbell has the same specifications as the DHS barbell. The difference between Hercules and DHS is the final testing procedure. DHS products get the tick of approval for competition use.

Like all gym equipment, people can make claims about their bumpers. Hercules can let their record do the talking.

If you are located in Sydney, if you swing by our warehouse and see the quality and finish of the Hercules plates and barbells you will see it is money well spent.

If you are just doing some cross fit or deadlifting at home, we have stock standard bumpers too. For this type of training you do not really need to spend extra dollars on elite level equipment. You simply won’t be training with type of intensity the DHS Bumper plates were built for.