Ironmaster Dumbbell Self Spotting Stands

The Ironmaster Dumbbell Self Spotting Stands are innovative solution to an age old problem. That is how to lift heavier dumbbells without any assistance. Even more important, how to go heavy without throwing dumbbells around the gym!

Lee Priest Uses Dumbbell Self Spotting

Lee Priest came down last workout for a chest workout. Not only did we get some great footage, I think we all got motivated to hit our training even harder. Seeing him handle the Ironmaster Dumbbells with a lazy 140lbs is enough to get any weight trainer fired up.

Lee has a few dramas going heavy with dumbbells due to some pain associated with his shoulder surgery to repair a torn bicep tendon. So we thought it would be a good idea to give the Ironmaster Dumbbell Spotting Stands a go.

As you can see they really helped him get the dumbbells into the starting position. The only problem he had is that his shoulders are so wide he barely fits throught the stands!!

ironmaster dumbbell spotting stands

Not Just for the Pros

All weight trainers should take a lesson from Lee in how to train with perfect form. Even on his heaviest sets, he performed each rep with textbook form. It is this strict training that has not only helped him build an mind blowing physique, but also kept him largely injury free. I think he said he has been training nearly 26 years!!!

Hoisting heavy dumbbells up will drain even the most serious trainer’s tank. Plus if you have got some niggles it has the potential to aggravate them too. Dumbbell self spotting systems are a way to avoid this drawbacks. Particularly if you train at home without a spotter.

Safe as Houses

Some other dumbbell self spotting systems are a lot cheaper. But that saving comes at a price. They are just not as safe. The Ironmaster spotting system is extremely heavy duty and the concept is simple. If used correctly they are an extremely safe way to handle even the heaviest dumbbells.