Ironmaster Bench and Cable Tower

It wasn’t until we had a spare Ironmaster Super Bench in the showroom that I decided to have an Ironmaster Bench and Cable Tower Attachment permanently set up on display. Whenever I have new pieces of gym equipment set up, I always start playing around with them – especially in winter as it helps keep you warm in our freezing warehouse!

Pleasant Surprise

The more I started playing around with the Ironmaster Bench and Cable Tower combo the more I realised that this was just as good as a stand alone lat machine. I was surprised at how smooth it was, especially after hitting it with some silicone spray. So I started trying it out with more weight and it was still silky smooth.

There is no or little noticeable mechanical advantage so if you have 50kg on you are definitely lifting 50kg. Which is great because the one downside is that the Ironmaster Cable Tower Attachment is only rated for 100kg. But 100kg is very heavy for a seated row so most weight trainers won’t trouble the load rating.

Ironmaster cable tower doing seated row

Lat Pulldown Solution For Standard Plates

This combo is also great for people who have standard weight plates and are thinking about the Powertec Power Rack. The Powertec Workbench Lat Tower Option only takes Olympic Weight Plates. So this is a great way to save money instead of buying all new plates.

Best for Small Gyms

Whether it be for you home gym or personal training studio, you will struggle to find a more compact lat option. When I say that, I mean a quality unit that can perform under decent weight. Considering the bench can be stood up on its end and the tower is mobile, the Ironmaster bench and cable tower will take up very little space. When they are not being used.

Yes there is a little involved in the set up. But if you are tight on space, then it is well worth the effort.