Power Maxx Dumbbell Sets

Now we often get asked why our Power Maxx Dumbbell Sets are more expensive than some of our competition. The answer is simple—quality.

Although we do not openly promote it, the Power Maxx Round Rubber dumbbells are commercial. We choose to pay extra and get a better quality, more robust version. If you have purchased other gym equipment from us, we like to think you don’t mind paying a bit extra to get a superior quality item.

So why do we not promote these dumbbells as commercial?

The main reason is that if you promote these as full commercial items, it will be an open invitation for meatheads to start deliberately abusing them. If you do want a dumbbell set like this, we can help you out, but it is going to be more expensive. To me, this is a waste of money as there is no need to abuse dumbbells. I will address the dropping of dumbbells in a separate post.

Dropping Dumbbells

Although we haven’t chased gyms, we know there are many that have Power Maxx Dumbbells. They have stood the test of time in this environment. The only issue has been a handful of heavier dumbbells (40kg and above) have had their handles bend from repeated abuse. We know it is an abuse issue because we have only had these issues occur at the same couple of gyms. Inferior quality dumbbells in these environments will have the weight break clean off. Even in these harsh environments, the locking welds have not broken.

Dumbbells are always going to get dropped at some point, but when you drop 40kg plus dumbbells repeatedly from the high points in dumbbell presses, something is going to give. You don’t load a barbell up with normal weight plates and drop them from waist height, so it is common sense not to drop dumbbells.

If you don’t abuse the Power Maxx Dumbbells, they will last in a commercial environment for years. It doesn’t matter what type of gym equipment it is, long-term abuse will lead to issues.

So what else?

We have been using the same manufacturer for years now. You will see other similiar designs on the market. We could get these dumbbells made elsewhere cheaper, but don’t want to sacrifice the quality.

Fixed Dumbbells

If an importer is chasing the best price, you have to chop and change your manufacturer. You don’t know what quality they will be until you receive your shipment. If they are substandard what happens then? You can’t ship them back to the manufacturer. The importer can’t write them off—they have to be sold.

We have heard of stories where the dumbbell handles are so short that you can barely fit your hands in!

Rubber Hex Dumbbells

Rubber Hex Dumbbells

Why don’t we have rubber hex dumbbells over 20kgs?

Personally, I prefer the feel and balance of round rubber dumbbells over rubber hex dumbbells. The Power Maxx Dumbbells are more compact in length compared to the same weight rubber hex dumbbell. So as the dumbbells get heavier the rubber hex get longer.

Secondly, if you do have to drop a dumbbell, a round one will take it better than a hex. The round edge will blunt the force better than the angled edge of a hex dumbbell.

Heavier rubber hex dumbbells never lasted long in commercial gyms, that is why you don’t see them often in those environments.

The Power Maxx Rubber Hex Dumbbells are also more expensive than the competition. The manufacturer does a complete weld to secure the head in place. Cheaper dumbbells are just tacked, which can break very easily. Even a 20kg dumbbell with this style of lock will break if dropped.

The Final Word

One thing we often hear when talking about dumbbells or weight plates is “they all weigh the same”. This is true. But if you are a serious weight trainer pushing serious weight, no matter how careful you are, your gym equipment is going to be tested. The last thing you want is for one of the heads to bread off or come loose the first time you drop your 40kg dumbbells. Chances are you won’t be able to replace it with one dumbbell; you will be up for a pair. And a pair of 40kgs is bloody expensive!

Our motto at Sams Fitness is “Equipment for Life”. We want you to get years of hard training from your gear, so spending a little more now will save a whole lot down the track.