Powertec Leverage Squat Exercise on the Multi System

The Powertec Leverage Squat exercise is one of the best for leg day. Squats are one of, if not the best weight lifting exercise around. The only problem with them is a lot of people hate doing them. They are hard work.

As Comfortable As A Squat Can Be

Leverage Squats on the Powertec Multi System makes squatting easier as it takes a lot of load off the back and knees. Here is a video of Brad going through how to perform this exercise properly and he also discusses different lifting techniques.

In my opinion it is the squat station that really sets this multi gym apart from the pack. Legs are critical for building strength and size. However most multi gyms only have leg extensions and leg curls and sometimes a horizontal leg press.

You can work hard on these exercises but you never quite get that feeling like you have been hit by a truck – which is how you should feel after a good leg work out. You can lift more on this exercise than doing traditional barbell squats.

However I like to really concentrate on my form and by focus on driving through the heels instead of the balls of your feet. This way I can really isolate the quads. The angle of the footplate also allows me to go deeper so I also use the hamstrings as well. Combined with a controlled descent I end up using less or the same weight than doing barbell squats.

wb-ms16 Powertec Multi System Squats

When I train with a partner I finish off with some reverse hack squats. I drop the weight and increase the reps and go for gold. Combined with some leg extensions, standing leg curls or lunges you can really feel like you have been hit by a truck after your leg workout on the Powertec Multi System. This video is also applicable to the Powertec Leverage Squat.