Dumbbell Exercises on the Powertec Leverage Gym

The Powertec LeverGym was always the perfect foundation for any home gym. In this video Brad demonstrates some handy exercises that simulate dumbbell movements and can be performed on your Powertec LeverGym.

My recommendation to someone starting their home gym journey has always been to take it slowly. Don’t go out and buy every piece of equipment you think you’ll need – unless you have loads of money and space!

Instead start off with your foundation equipment and get to know that back to front. In this instance the Powertec LeverGym has loads of functionality that some people might never discover. Most importantly, if you discover all the machine can do. You’ll save loads of money in the long run by not purchasing unnecessary equipment.

Solve the Dumbbell Dilemma

Dumbbells in a home gym environment can be a tricky problem. Some people can’t stand spin lock dumbbells, but they also can’t afford to buy a quality set of dumbbells.

For bicep dumbbell exercise Brad demonstrates variations that target different areas. He even shows a handy way to simulate concentration curls.

The tricep dumbbell movements demonstrated include one arm dumbbell extensions, one arm presses and kickbacks.

Brad simulating dumbbell movements on the LeverGym.

Range of Motion

When performing these dumbbell exercises it’s very important that you get the range of motion correct. A downside with these gyms is that the high and low pulley do not have unlimited range. So you will need to use the chain length that is provided in the gym.

To set the right length, you will need have enough length so that when you start the movement the weight is immediately engaged. So you don’t want have the weight arm halfway up before you have started your dumbbell movement. It does not take long to get in the right position. Once you start doing it you will get better and quicker.

black powertec levergym
Black Powertec Levergym.