Thinking Buying A Home Gym?

So you are thinking about buying a home gym? In a perfect world if you had a gym at the end of your street. It would be packed with top notch weight training equipment. Even better it was not packed to crowded when you wanted to train and charged reasonable gym fees. In this perfect world you would probably not need to train at home.

Gym Reality

However this is not case for most of the weight training population. These days you could do a decent workout at home in the time it takes to get ready and commute to the gym.

With the price of land, rents, wages etc increasing, gyms have no option but to increase membership numbers and/or fees to make a living. As a result it is often a struggle just to get on gym equipment when training at a peak times.

Should I Buy A Home Gym?

Weight training is meant relieve stress not add to it. So training in a home gym is a convenient and cost effective. It is also a way to bring some enjoyment and consistency back into your weight training.

Contrary to what many people believe, you don’t need a lot of expensive gym equipment to achieve great results. You get the best results from concentrating on doing compound exercises which can all be done safely at home with the Powertec and Ironmaster weight training equipment.

Combine one of the Powertec or Ironmaster Home Gym packages with a set of Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells and you have all your compound exercises covered as well movements to isolate and target different muscle groups.

Better Results From Training At Home?

Often you will get better results from training in your home gym. Training at home enables you to stick to a program and work consistently on the same exercises. This is sometimes impossible when training at a crowded gym. To get results you need to build your intensity by lifting more weight, more reps, smaller breaks between sets etc. It is pretty hard to do this when you are constantly using different pieces of gym equipment to work the same body part.

Also by having the equipment at a convenient and accessible location will mean that you will be able to be more consistent with your training. Sometimes you can’t squeeze in a trip to the gym because once you add the commute to and from the gym you simply don’t have the time. If you have your equipment at home you can still do a decent workout in 20mins.

Home Gyms Lack Motivation?

A misconception I hear from some people is that they need the gym environment as motivation for their training. Don’t let this put you off buying a home gym.

This might be true for people who train in gyms where there is genuine camaraderie amongst members. However sadly I think those days in most gyms – especially in Sydney are gone. Regardless if you are committed to your weight training, health and well being you should not need others milling around to motivate you.

The best way to maintain motivation when training in your home gym is to get yourself a weight training program. Stick to it and aim to increase your weights reps, etc. You don’t have to be a hero and show off to others, keep trying to modest yet constant strength gains. Maintain proper form so you maximize the results from your effort.

Buying a home gym can be one of the best investments you make. Choose your gym equipment wisely and enjoy years of weight training bliss in your own back yard, garage, spare room etc. Grunt, scream and fart to your heart’s content without so much as second glance!