Old School Shake for SIZE

Here is the recipe that was featured in the Nov 2008 Newsletter. This is to be used in conjunction with the Summer Weight Training program for Size.

Here is an old school shake that will pack on the size and you can use it in conjunction with this month’s Summer Training Program.

In a blender mix the following:

6 whole eggs

1 cup of skim milk powder

cup of whey protein

1Lt of milk

TBLSP of safflower oil

TBLSP of lecithin granules

TBLSP of honey

1 banana

Split this into three drinks

Have it for mid morning & mid arvo and before bed (try not to have the shake too close to your workouts say within 60-90 mins)

Eat normal at other meals and omit the shake on the weekends.

Consume this shake for only 4-6 weeks at a time with around 2-4 weeks break before trying again.

This in combination with summer weight training program will put muscle on a grass hopper.