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ATX Blackline Cable Attachments
The new ATX Blackline Cable Attachments have been a real eye opener for not just our customers but also myself. Being a simple man with simple tastes, I go for the basic things in life. As long it functions right and is durable it gets a green light. To put it in perspective one of my favourite cars was my Holden Kingswood – nothing flash to look at but it never let you down no matter what you through at it. When we got the new line of cable accessories in from ATX I thought to myself who would pay a premium for a cable row handle when our base Power Maxx model was such good value. Considering..
Power rack workouts for great results
Introduction If you are currently researching a gym equipment purchase, you are probably reading a lot of recommendations for power racks, especially on forums. And for good reason. In terms of functionality, safety and effectiveness – probably the most important factors in any fitness equipment purchase – the power rack would be one of the top-ranking selections in anyone’s books. So in this article you will see what all the fuss is about. If you have already purchased your power rack, we will hopefully show you a few extra tips and tricks to get the most out of your training experience. ..
Megatec Smith Machine and Half Racks with Ironmaster Super Bench
We have decided to offer the Ironmaster Super Bench with the Megatec Half Rack and Megatec Smith Machine packages because it delivers you the best bang for buck. The price we sell these benches for easily makes them the best value gym bench in Australia. We can do this because we buy in massive quantities. The only drawback with using the Super Bench with the Megatec Rack or Smith is that you won't be able to rack the barbell from back to front with back support on shoulder press. The half rack and smith both have very compact footprints and you can't get the Super Bench in deep enou..
ATX Power Racks and Rigs
We have started adding the ATX line of Power Racks and Cages to our range. They are relatively unknown in Australia, but a rapidly growing brand in Europe. So I thought I would give you a bit of background on how they came about. Certain American brands have grown in popularity with the explosion of the CrossFit movement, plus a resurgence in powerlifting and strength training in general. Iron Edge was an Australian company producing similar gear but have seemed to closed down recently. One of the reasons the US brands have been so popular in the USA is because they were good quality at ..
Cheap Megatec Multiplex Shipping Rates
The Megatec Multiplex Gym has been a massive hit, especially in Sydney. People come into the shop and see that it is actually better than it looks. But the only drawback with this gym is that it comes in a crate, so for people that require delivery to a residential address, there is either a tailgate or hand unload charge. So we have sat down with our transport company and come up with a solution. We have arranged that customers can now go to the transport company's depots in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide. Here they can pick up their gym and hand unload the gym themselves i..
Compact Power Rack Gym Package
If you are looking for a compact power rack gym package, the Megatec Power Rack + Ironmaster Super is proving to be a very popular partnership. Good old fashioned barbell free weight training is the simplest, most effective - in terms of cost and benefit, for setting up a home gym. With our special deal, this would have to be the best value in Australia for genuine QUALITY GYM EQUIPMENT.Yes you can get cheaper power racks, but they don't come with premium j-hooks with barbell protection. When you have a set up in the house like Ben's, it is just a nice feature to have if you plan on train..
Powertec Power Rack Spotter Bars by Ironmaster
The Powertec Power Rack does not currently have a spotter bar option like the Barbarian Power Cage Spotter Bars. We have had many Powertec customers inquire about such a solution, but after some playing around we came up with an alternative.We have managed to fit the Ironmaster IM2000 Spotter Arms to the Powertec cage. They actually end up fitting very nicely and almost look they were built specifically for the power rack. There is only a slight modification you will need to make - or we can do it for you if you let us know.The IM2000 spotter arms are designed for the 50mm x 50mm IM2000 g..
Gym Equipment has More Bacteria than a TOILET SEAT!
If this doesn't convince you to set up a home gym, then nothing will! A recent study by Fit Rated revealed some pretty interesting findings...Gym equipment like free weights - dumbbells and barbells - has up to 362 time more bacteria than a toilet seat! Which to me, is really no surprise, when you see the state of most gyms. Plus after venturing into the toilets, it is quite obvious that personal hygiene is not high on the agenda for a lot of people.The situation is so bad that the study recommended basic stuff like washing hands before and after use. Plus it also advised against wearing gym c..
Boydys Barbarian Vertical Knee Raise
Finally getting a chance to go through a lot of the old photos our customers have sent in. This is yet another classic piece of Aussie ingenuity from our mate Boydy. He has mounted his Barbarian Vertical Knee Raise on his cable crossover - bloody brilliant!This is a very clever piece of thinking by Boydy. You will see in the background that wall space is at a premium. He is a bit like me in that he obviously has a fetish for hanging things on the wall. There is no wall space at our warehouse either! So mounting the knee raise on the wall is obviously out of the question. So I will let Boy..
Our gym equipment warehouse and showroom is located in Banksmeadow, Sydney (10 mins from the airport at Mascot). Understandably we get a lot of inquiries from interstate customers wanting to check out our gym equipment before they purchase.I would love to have a showroom in more capital cities. I have looked into it and crunched the numbers. But Australia is just the wrong place to do this sort of thing - especially with the type of gym equipment we sell. It is a niche product. Combined with the high rent & labour costs it would just add a lot of costs to the bottom line. So we would have ..
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