IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Australian Grand Prix IX 2009 Review

Well it was another cracker year at the Australian IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Grand Prix. It was a top quality line up and Tony Doherty always makes it entertaining. The highlights of the show were:

  • The IFBB pro bodybuilding debut of Ivan Sadek – he has not competed for 5 years and jumps on stage at his first pro show and misses out on qualifying for the Olympia by 2 points. Look out for Ivan when he gets a few comps under his belt.
  • Mike Kefalianos made his pro debut and qualified for the Olympia. What a way to start your pro bodybuilding career.
  • Seeing the world class physiques of Toney “The X-Man” Freeman and Silvio Samuel. You can see why these guys are champions.
  • The amateur shows – without these guys there might not be IFBB Pro shows. They put in the hard yards just like the pros, so it was great to see the winners of all the divisions get a chance to do their routines at the finals.
  • Last but definitely not the least – Kai Greene: This guy is just completely on another level. You had to see him to believe him. Kai competed at approximately 100kgs but looks like he is carrying around 150kg of muscle. To compliment the muscle mass he came in ripped to shreds. Then to top it off he stood on his head during his posing routine. Kai is a real showman to boot!
  • The talk of the show was the Matt “Trunk” Grimshaw. Although he did not compete, his presence in the trade area created the biggest crowds of the event. His mass was up there with the pros, and he then dropped his strides. The striations in his glutes were a sight to behold. Many thought he could have got up on stage and won.

More Than a IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Show

The actual bodybuilding show is just part of a great weekend. We got down there Thursday night so had Friday to just hang out. Melbourne is a great city with plenty to do so it was good to unwind and not worry about work. On Friday we had a training session at Doherty’s Gym to rev us up for the show. So start planning to come down for the show next year. If you need to know where to stay and what to do just drop me a line.