Cheap Megatec Multiplex Shipping Rates

The Megatec Multiplex Gym has been a massive hit, especially in Sydney. People come into the shop and see that it is actually better than it looks. But the only drawback with this gym is that it comes in a crate, so for people that require delivery to a residential address, there is either a tailgate or hand unload charge.

So we have sat down with our transport company and come up with a solution. We have arranged that customers can now go to the transport company’s depots in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide. Here they can pick up their gym and hand unload the gym themselves into their own vehicle. You can also take advantage of this if you are interested in the Barbarian Leg Press Hack Squat.

Here are some ball park prices for the Megatec Multiplex, Multiplex 150kg Package and the Barbarian Leg Press.

Product Melbourne Adelaide Brisbane Perth
Megtec Multiplex Gym (MT-MX-WS) $95 $105 $160 $280
Megatec Multiplex Gym + 150kgs (MTMX150) $115 $130 $180 $380
Barbarian Leg Press Hack Squat (BB-9091) $80 $90 $135 $225

What sort of vehicle do you need?

After fitting a partially assembled Powertec Multi System into a Barina, I knew we would come close to fitting the Multiplex into my SX4. So we had a crack and got it in.

cheap megatec multiplex shipping

I STRONGLY ADVISE THAT YOU DON’T TRANSPORT YOUR GYM IN SUCH A VEHICLE. We just did this as an exercise to demonstrate just how compact the gym really is. So if you have a van, ute or trailer it is dead easy.

The Multiplex comes in 2 crates. The main crate contains the gym, with dimensions 193cm x 72cm x 62cm @ 262kgs. There is a small crate with just the weight stack – 63cm x 33cm 20cm @ 107kgs. Bring an old screwdriver, pliers or tin snips. You will need these cut the steel straps and pry open the crate. Gloves are handy too.

If you have access to a flat bed ute with a tray longer than 193cm and sides that can be flipped down, you could save the hassle of unloading and get it forked straight on. If you have got an idea, just ring us up or email and we will tell you if it is doable.

These depot rates aren’t on our website freight calculator, so you will have to call up for a quote. Same if you are interested in a Multiplex package deal, just let us know and we can work the freight out for you.

Alternatively if there is any large package you are interested in, and don’t mind picking it up from the depot, just let us know and we can work out a price for you.