Dumbbell Sets at Sams Fitness

We have just got a container load of the Power Maxx Dumbbell Sets. Like all the gym equipment we sell, these dumbbells are top quality and priced affordably. If you are setting up a commercial gym or personal training studio, the Power Maxx Dumbbell Sets will give your gym a great look.

The dumbbells are rubber-coated with high-quality virgin rubber—so they won’t mark gym equipment and scratch painted surfaces. They have ergonomic handles, which are made from solid steel. The hardened chrome finish looks great and the knurling will ensure a secure grip.

We have the following sets of Rubber Hex Dumbbells:

1-10kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set

3-15kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set

1-20kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set

rubber hex dumbbells

We also have the following Round Rubber Dumbbell Sets:

1-10kg Rubber Dumbbell Set

2-20kg Rubber Dumbbell Set

12.5-35kg Rubber Dumbbell Set

10-40kg Rubber Dumbbell Set

2.5-25kg Rubber Dumbbell Set

2.5-50kg Rubber Dumbbell Set

27.5-50kg Rubber Dumbbell Set

42.5-50kg Rubber Dumbbell Set

You may pay a bit more for our dumbbell sets but they are top quality and you will get years of hard weight training out of them.