Free Timber & Particle Board Packing Crates

All the Olympic Barbells, Weight Plates, Cable Attachments, Dumbbells we import come in Timber or Particle Board Packing Crates. We have a few regulars who come and pick some up but we have plenty spare that end up going in the bin when we run out of room in the warehouse. I have attached some pictures of the various crates we get. So if you are interested come and pick them up.The packing crates come in all different shapes and sizes. They are handy for storing stuff or if you are sending items overseas. Here are some examples of the crates that we have available. There are smaller ones and bigger ones. Just ring us up and we will let you know what we have got and you are more than welcome to take as many as you like. If you are using them for transporting items and you need the crate strapped you are also more than welcome to bring the packed crate back and we will strap it up for you.