Hercules Bumper Plates have Arrived!

After years of deliberating we have finally got into the bumper plate market with the Hercules bumper plates by DHS. What took us so long?

Cheap and Nasty Bumper Plates

Well we have heard so many horror stories of bumpers getting destroyed after a couple of months. We wanted to make sure we could offer a quality product. When you think about it, the plates basically get abused with normal use. Dropping places a great strain on any equipment. So if it is cheap and nasty gym equipment it won’t last too long!

Our buddies from Maxim Fitness have been importing and distributing the DHS & Hercules Bumpers for years now. They have decked out some serious gyms belonging to AFL, NRL and Sports Institutes over the years with Hercules weightlifting kit. Here is a pretty serious set up below.

Hercules Weightlifting

So if they can withstand the punishment these guys are dishing out, then we knew it was a quality product. We wanted to have no hesitation recommending it to our customers.

Bumper Plates Suitable for The Olympics

The Hercules bumper plate range is the training range from DHS. DHS Olympic Weight Plates were used at the 2007 World Weightlifting Championships and the 2008 Beijing Olympics. If you go to the IWF site you will see that they are one of only a handful of accredited suppliers. So DHS stuff is made for serious athletes and serious competition. So you know that you are getting quality.

DHS Weightlifting

Bumper Plates used to be as rare as rocking horse poo in Australia, but now days anyone can get their own name slapped on them. So when comparing bumpers, make sure you are comparing apples with apples. You only need to take a quick look at the Hercules Bumpers and realise that they are not like the generic bumpers that are available everywhere.

If you are going to get some top notch plates, you might as well get a beastly barbell too. The Hercules Olympic Barbell is just like the DHS barbell that is used in competition. The difference being is that it hasn’t been tested and certified for IWF usage. These barbells get absolutely smashed in comps and training. So it will handle the hardcore weekend warrior with ease!

If you are just looking for some bumper plates for your home gym, for deadlifting or cross fit, we also have the generic style discs too. But if you are going to get serious into cleans and overhead lifts, or using them in a commercial environment, then the Hercules will be a better option. They are backed up with a full one year commercial warranty.