Lance Jensen wins WNBF Title on Matrix Powertec Training Program

On Saturday 11th October Lance Jensen took out WNBF (World Natural Bodybuilding Federation) Heavyweight Me’s Asia Pacific Title. This is a remarkable achievement given that Lance last competed in 2004. What was the secret to Lance’s comeback?Lance’s secret to success was The Matrix Powertec Training Program that has been put together by Dr Ron Laura specifically for the Powertec Multi System

Under the expert guidance of Dr Ron, Lance made significant improvements to his physique. Improvements that he thought were not achievable at the age of 37. The areas which Lance improved were overall symmetry of the physique, especially the deltoids and back, and an increase of half an inch on the arms. He also noted improved muscular endurance and strength. The beauty of the Matrix Powertec Training Program is that these achievements were not made at the expense of joint soreness. The program requires very little weight which means that the joints are not stressed and more intensity can be applied to the muscle. It is this intensity that has yielded these amazing results together with the Powertec multi system that is bio mechanically designed to apply maximum resistance to the part that matters, the muscle belly. Lance has been competing since 1995. When you have this level of weight training experience, gains in muscle mass and strength are hard to come by. So to make these improvements at this stage of his competitive career is absolutely astonishing. And to make them on a humble multi gym would leave many so called experts scratching their heads. So stay posted for the upcoming release of the Matrix Powertec Training Program. It is a combined weight training program, diet and supplement regime designed specifically for the Powertec Multi System. We are making the program simple to follow. Since the program only uses light weights it is suitable for weight trainers of all ages and experience levels.

Please note Matt “Trunk” Grimshaw did not participate in this competition, so the results should be taken with a bit of consideration that the top athletes were not present in this compeition.


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