Max’s Muscle TV – Australia’s own Weight Training Show

If you have got Foxtel, make sure you check out Max’s Muscle TV on the Aurora channel Monday nights at 8.00pm. If you do’t have Foxtel you can check out both series 1 and 2 on youtube. Considering how many people train with weights you would think there would be quite a few shows out there for weight trainers. Instead the free to air networks dish up crap sitcoms from America and endless reality shows – Who cares!

Bodybuilding Education The Fun Way

Well it is great to see that there is an Aussie show leading the charge. Max’s Muscle TV is not just for your stereo typical bodybuilder. If you are into fitness and healthy living then you should also check this show out.

With resistance training and nutrition impacting on all parts of our lives it is important to get as much information as possible. Sometimes reading up on these topics can be boring and confusing. Max’s Muscle TV makes it entertaining.

Muscle TV covers all sorts of weight training from bodybuilding to sports specific training. There are always some helpful tips that you can incorporate into your training. Pay close attention to the training segments as you get to see how different exercises are performed with correct form. I have picked several techniques that I have tried out in my own weight training.

Here is a great vid of Luke Wood doing shoulders.

Max’s Muscle TV X-Treme Chef

One of my favourite segments is on nutrition with X-Treme chef Peter Wright. Peter provides some really handy tips for the kitchen. The way he serves up healthy food makes eating healthy appealing.

The show is hosted by Tony Doherty and his down to earth approach is a refreshing change to some of the tossers that are on tv. This laid back approach makes for easy viewing plus you can tell all the people that are on the show are comfortable and talk freely giving great insight into their area of expertise.