Powertec Gym Equipment Darwin Review

Gym equipment in Darwin is a bit scarce compared to other capital cities. Sam’s Fitness ships Australia wide. So it does’t matter where you are you can get your hands on top quality gym equipment at great prices. The combination of us selling direct and cheap freight rates give all Aussies the chance to build a serious home gym.

Matt’s Gym Equipment Review

Dear Matt, I apologize for not getting back to you earlier, but the excitement of my new gym got in the way.(That was over 2 months ago.) Thank you for the prompt and efficient service. The gym arrived undamaged in Darwin and all the parts where in the boxes. It was easy to assemble, looks great and does exactly what I had hoped. I am now lifting much heavier and safer and having a lot of fun. Kind Regards Michael S Northern Territory

We use a transport company that is based in Adelaide, so their rates to Western Australia and Northern Territory are very competitive. So even with shipping, if you are in Darwin or Perth you will be able to get a top notch gym that is better than the competition even with the cost of shipping included.

Tailored Shipping To Darwin

Also if you are looking at purchasing a package of weight training equipment make sure you email us first and we will work out the cheapest possible freight for you. We have different options like getting it delivered to business address or depot pick up. These will gym equipment to Darwin a lot cheaper than door to door delivery.

wb-ls16-b Powertec Black LeverGym

Shipping gym equipment in Australia is always a killer. Especially when it is such a long distance like Sydney to Darwin. But it is important to remember that buying a gym is long term investment. These gyms last forever so you can allocate that transport cost over ten years at least.