Save Petrol Buy Home Gym Equipment Today

What the hell is happening to petrol prices? How high are they going to go? Is the world going to end? So is time to buy home gym equipment?

I don’t think it’s time to get out the leathers and turn the Toyota Camry into a Mad Max machine. But you do need to start looking at ways of reducing your expenses when the price of everything is rising.

True Cost of Going to the Gym

I learned the true value of commuting to the gym in my former life as a bogan/westie/all round drop kick. At one stage my choice of vehicle was a V8 Kingswood or turbo charged Torana. For a short tip to the gym fives times a week it added up.

I’d probably be forced to live in one of the vehicles if petrol prices were this high back then. In all seriousness though, we are all going to start looking at the kilometres we are covering these days. You’ll need to decide which trips are essential, and which trips need to be brushed.

Next time you head off to the gym, have a look at how many kilometres the round trip is. Calculate that out over the year for the number of times you go to the gym on average each week. When you add this cost, plus the membership and your time commuting, you will have the true cost of training at the gym.

With this information it might be time to buy home gym equipment

Home Training Not for Everyone, but for Most.

If your gym is handy and has a good vibe, the extra costs of a gym membership may be worth it. Though these gyms are in decline in Sydney, as new corporate gyms start taking over the market.

Some people think that their weight training will suffer if they start training in a home gym environment. This may be the case if you are in the upper echelons of strength training where specific gym equipment is required. However, for the vast majority of the weight training population, if they buy home gym equipment correctly they will prosper in the home gym environment.

Powertec Leverage Gym
Powertec Home Gym

Buy Home Gym Equipment and Save!

The good news is to that for the cost of two years memberships you can get a quality home gym that will last you a life time. So give this a thought when you are thinking the mounting bills are going to swamp you.

There seems to be plenty of bad news at the moment. It is a real kick in the teeth to pay $1.50/litre on your way home from work and then put the tube on to kick back and relax and the first thing that comes on the news is that petrol is going to rise further. However if we all look at how we are spending our hard earned dollars and make a few tweaks here and there we can save eating dog food on toast until we are pensioners.