Shipping Gym Equipment Terms & Conditions

Sam’s Fitness has been shipping gym equipment Australia wide for 6 years now. During this time we have formed relationships with some transport companies to ensure that your delivery will be as smooth as possible. 

Shipping Gym Equipment Terms & Conditions

All delivery rates quoted are to the curb side and include insurance.

As you can appreciate, shipping quality gym equipment is not cheap as it is usually quite hefty. So delivery to the curb side is the cheapest option for customers. Now it is not guaranteed, but most drivers will assist you to your front door or garage. Providing it is close to the curb.

However the delivery price quoted does not include carrying your gym through the house, upstairs etc. The reason for this is insurance. If the delivery driver damages your house they are liable. That is why they won’t do it.

For small items like belts, attachments etc you can stipulate can be left at the front door. For bigger items someone will have to be at home to sign for and receive the delivery.

Large Gym Equipment Requires Help

For larger items like benches, multi gyms, power racks, gym equipment etc, someone will need to assist the driver to unload the order. As some boxes are 60kgs, your 90 year old grandmother in a walking frame will not qualify as assistance!

To make providing assistance as easy as possible, we will email you with the tracking number and customer service number. This will enable you to call the transport company to make arrangements for a delivery time. We will also put on the consignment note for the transport company to call you prior to the delivery.

Standard Shipping Service

The transport rate quoted is a standard shipping service, not a VIP service, so you can’t stipulate a 15 minute window. So let us know how much notice you need so you can be at home to receive the delivery.

You can also ring up the transport company when your order is picked up. This will all you to find out which day it is coming. If you do encounter problems do not hesitate to give Sam’s Fitness a call and we will chase things up with our contacts at the transport company.

Need A Full Service?

If you do require additional services, like delivery upstairs or in a house, this will usually require a two man delivery. This type of service for shipping gym equipment is quite expensive. Even though some boxes are quite heavy, they are quite easily maneuvered on an upright trolley as they are flat packed – so if you can’t borrow one they are quite cheap these days at hardware stores etc.

two man delivery service

We also have a page which explains all of the Shipping Term and Conditons. If you ever have any queries in regards to the terms and conditions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.