Thick Dumbbell Handles Available Now!

The Ironmaster Thick Dumbbell Handles have been a hit in the US. As a matter of fact they recently sold out of all stock. We have just got our shipment in but our stocks are limited – so if you are interested hurry up!

Ironmaster Thick Dumbell Handles

The Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells have been a huge hit with home gym enthusiasts in Australia. With innovations like the these fat grip adapters and the soon to be released kettlebell handles, the Ironmaster Dumbbells are going to be even more popular.

Thick Bar Training- Not all About Grip

The Thick Dumbbell Handles are great for those who are into thick bar training. As an avid Dave Draper fan, I have been aware of the benefits of thick bar training for a long time. Dave actually helped develop a range of thick bars and cable attachments. I would have loved to bring them to Australia but the cost of importing them was prohibitive.

Ironmast Fat Grips

Now with the release of the Ironmaster Thick Dumbbell Handles you can experience the benefits of thick bar weight training at a fraction of the cost. The benefits include strengthening your grip which is the obvious one. But thick dumbbell handles are also great for people with existing hand injuries. Personally I like thicker grips because of bad tendinitis in my elbows which seems to be aggravated by over gripping.

Unlike other fat style grips, the Ironmaster ones bolt on to the handle. They only take a couple of minutes to get on. Once on, they do not spin or rotate. They feel one with the handle. This gives comfort for when you are handling heavy weight.

Once you bolt them on and get accustomed to them, you might leave them on. Grip strength is actually quite easy to build. Especially if you have done very little grip training before.