Ash and his new PT Studio Set Up

Big thanks to Ash sending in some pics of his new PT Studio set up.

powertec power rack gym

“Hey Sam & Matt,

I have finished setting up the new kit. Here are some photos for you.

Thanks heaps for the service and awesome kit, clients and I are gunna love it.

Cheers guys!


Often when we get Personal Trainers in the shop, they have long wishlists and it is easy for their budgets to get blown out. That is why I love Ash’s set up. It is simple, very affordable but most importantly – HIGHLY EFFECTIVE.

You don’t need a room full of machines to be a great trainer. As a matter of fact I have seen some great trainers operate with far less. Training with less gym equipment makes you focus your clients on the core compound exercises. Plus I believe it makes you grow as a trainer as you have to work out what exercises you can do with your equipment to meet each individual client’s needs. To an experienced trainer, Ash has all the tools he needs.

powertec power rack

Even this quality power rack gym alone would be plenty for most clients. Barbell exercises combined with a high and low pulley can train all body parts with quality movements.

power maxx dumbbells

The addition of some rubber hex dumbbells allows clients that don’t yet have the strength to handle a barbell can still do all the key exercises.

Best of all, the Ash’s gym is neat and very well presented – the perfect way to make a great first impression.