Barbarian Gym Equipment Addiction!!

Barbarian gym equipment has on major drawback. Once you get a taste for it, you will be coming back for more. Just like our good friend Rod. You read about his compact commercial power cage in his apartment gym in a previous post. After experiencing the quality, he made an addition. This is what he had to say……

“Sam and crew,

I don’t know what you all drink but whatever it is everyone should drink it cause every one of you provides amazing service, are helpful and don’t push sales but seem to care about customer service first.

So I bought the Barbarian rack a week ago…only ordered the rack to make sure it all fit and worked as this is in my apartment after all – fit like a glove so now the cable bit to go along with the rack. Ordered late last night and delivered first thing next day – how awesome is that!

Second time customer, gold star service both times, keep it up boys!

Now for the kit, ordered the Barbarian high/low cable system to suit my rack – the pin loaded version cause I CBF changing plates but more importantly space saving for my small room – I save heaps of space at the back of the stack with the pin load than using plates…and im a massive fan of quick dropsets to increase intensity of workouts. Quality of the kit is by far the best for a home gym, the motion is smooth and that 125kg stack is heavy enough for any beast…this is as good as machines in commercial gyms!

Building it was a PITA, my only gripe is give some instructions Barbarian! A one page pic of what it should look like doesn’t count. OK so it went together easily enough, but had to pull a few bits apart to rework the install. One quick call to Sam and I was on track again to assemble the new bits.

The front safety bars open up more workouts and can now do overhead presses and inclines safely with my bench…speaking of benches time for an upgrade of mine. Will need to come in see you guys and test out which one fits my needs – looking like the Barbarian FID with attachments to keep with the limited space and versatility theme of my gym.

On a personal note, it hit my first 100kg bench because of the safety of this rack…im 5’4″and 60kg…so not the biggest of boys 😛

Now my problem is to stop getting new gym gear cause imf to FKD to workout lol


barbarian power cage system

Big thanks to Rod for that wrap plus the pics. I couldn’t have summed up this system better myself, and the pictures illustrate it perfectly. The commercial power cage system by Barbarian gives you a genuine commercial power cage + commercial lat pulldown system (in Rod’s words) all in bugger all space. Could the serious home weight trainer ask for anymore.

These pics below illustrate just how well designed the Barbarian 125kg weight stack pulldown option is, you can just butt it up to your wall.

barbarian lat tower option

If you are worried about hitting your head on the knee rollers, the ones you anchor yourself under for heavy lat pulldowns, you can simply just pull them out. The Germans factor in all these details.

In regards to assembly, I figured out what the problem was – Rod’s package didn’t include instructions! Every now and then, there can be a part or something missing. In Rod’s case it was the instructions. If this ever happens to you, we have them for download on the product page. Or just give us a call and we can email them through.

So if you are a serious trainer like Rod, but have limited space, well there is no reason why you have to settle for second rate gym equipment. For specific measurements I wrote another article on the Barbarian compact commercial power cage.