Barbarian Leg Machines Review

Big thanks to Ellis for sending in a review of his new Barbarian Leg Machines, to go along with his Barbarian PRO Functional Power Rack.

Hey Sam I just wanted to say thanks for fixing up that calf raise. It came the other day and was built up without issue.

Just wanted to give a glowing review on both the Leg Ext/Leg Curl and Calf raise now that I have had some solid use out of them.

Leg Curl – This is BRUTAL!!! It loads the hamstrings perfectly and hardly any weight is needed before the hammies start burning! Solid and smooth motion from a machine that is easily as good as their flashy counterparts but at a fraction of the price!

barbarian lying leg curl

Leg Ext – This movement is as good as any high end machine I have ever used. We previously owned a Hammer Strength leg ext and to be frank the Barbarian leg ext is much better. Very smooth with no wobble and perfect loading of the quads.

Overall the machine is very well built, some of our clients are over 100kgs and this machine does not budge an inch when they are using it. Its a great piece and switches easily from leg ext to leg curl. I totally recommend it.

barbarian leg extension

Seated Calf Raise – Very solidly built. There is zero movement in the loading arm other than in the intended direction of up and down. I have used calf raises before where there was a lot of flex either side which was distracting, this machine has none of that. The loading pin is huge so will be able to take a lot of weight, although there is no real need for crazy loading as the design of the machine is very clever in that not a lot of weight is needed before it feels very heavy! Another extremely solid piece that is completely commercial standard.

barbarian seated calf raise

Overall both items are top notch and fully commercial, but at a home gym price! Great job.

I hope all is going well mate and I`m looking forward to seeing what other Barbarian line items you bring over. Now that we have 3 items from the same brand, we are happy to go ahead and get the Smith Machine next. I will drop you a mail in the next few weeks to organise the purchase of that.

Thanks again mate, Ellis and Alli!

I couldn’t describe these machines better myself. They are just very well designed – they isolate the muscle group, can handle plenty of weight and don’t take up a lot of space. These are the criteria for the discerning European market. The design also lends itself to a relatively simple production process – so you get a commercial quality machine at a very attractive price.

We have got plenty more Barbarian Line, Megatec and ATX items on their way from Germany as I type this, so you will be also able to grow your gym just like Ellis has.