Barbarian PRO Functional Power Rack Review

Ellis got himself a Barbarian PRO Functional Commercial Power Rack and this is what he had to say……

“Awesome awesome awesome is all I can say! Went all together without too much of a drama and it’s very very solid! It also dwarfs my other power rack! All in all we are very pleased with it mate. Thanks for the product and providing great customersupport. Cheers Ellis”

**UPDATE** This is what Ellis sent through after a year of use…

I just wanted to drop you an email to give my thoughts on the Barbarian Commerical Cage after one year of heavy duty use in our studio……AMAZING!!!!

Everyone loves it. Its never skipped a beat and has taken a daily beating. Its a really solid piece of equipment and it has served us so well that we sold our Assault Rack (already a good rack) as the Barbarian one simply outperforms it on all counts!

barbarian PRO commercial power rack

Like I told Ellis, the PRO Functional Racks have been a slow out of the block. There are many other “commercial power racks” out there, and they are often a bit cheaper. But they don’t have the same quality or design. It is often hard to spot these things over the net. Luckily for us, Ellis has purchased gym equipment off us before so he knew that we do not sell rubbish.

barbarian pro power rack

The BB-9030 Power Cages have been selling quicker than we can get them. They are obviously a bit cheaper than the PRO rack, and take up a little less space, but once word gets out the PRO Functional Racks will be popular among the hardcore trainers who have a bit extra space.