Ironmaster Gym Review – Dumbbells, Kettlebell and Bench

Ben sent in his Ironmaster gym review. Ben got the Ironmaster Dumbbells, Kettlebell Handle and Super Bench. Now this might not look like much of a home gym but I can tell you there is plenty that you can do with this set up.

Sam’s Ironmaster Gym Review

How do I know? Cause I have got even less gym equipment in my home gym!!!

If you have read my previous posts I have only got the Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbells and a couple of kettlebell handles. Cardio equipment is a skipping rope. Even with this basic set up I have had some great workouts. The workouts have been that good I have even got my good friend to make some workout videos for me.

Ironmaster Kettlebell Handle

Anyway back to the testimonial….. This is what Ben had to say about his new home gym:

Hi Matt, Just to let you know I got my gear on Friday…just finished un-boxing it all today and am really stoked with everything fits perfectly in what little space I have and there’s plenty of weight there to challenge me. Thanks for all your help and I look forward to expanding my gear from you when space permits. Cheers Ben

Simple Equipment Grueling Workouts

Many years ago I would have thought this amount of fitness equipment would be totally inadequate, especially for training legs. However after broadening my weight training horizons I now know there are many ways to hit all body parts with kettlebells and dumbbells. Here is a killer Funk Roberts leg workout to give you some food for thought…….

There are so many different ways to train these days. They are all effective if you follow them properly. A trap people fall into is that they equate weight training to their experiences in a commercial gym. They simply do not know what to do outside of this environment.