Darren’s Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbell and Super Bench Review

There is nothing better than seeing repeat customers.
Whether it is just for a chat or to purchase more items. I hadn’t seen Darren
for a number of years until last week.
It was great to catch up.

He popped his head in just to say g’day and to have a squiz
at the Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells. Although he loved his Powertec Multi System which was purchased a number of years ago, he just needed some variation to his workouts. He had also just moved
up to the Central Coast so he had a little more space. He took one look at the
dumbbells and said he’ll take them. Along with the dumbbells, he was also after
a bench. The Ironmaster Super Bench was the obvious choice, so he grabbed that along with a couple
of attachments. He was extremely happy with his purchase as you can see below.

Hi Matthew,

 Just to let you know that the iron man bench and db set is
off its head lol. Great quality product. Thanks again for the good service.

I definitely won’t be needing the add on set anytime in the
distant future lol.

Nice to see you again. All the best. 

Darren Casey

We often say to customers that you don’t need to start off with everything. Just grab what you need to get going and then add to your home gym as you go. So many customers in the past have started out just like Darren. Purchased a gym and then added on to it further down the track. The Powertec Multi System and the Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells certainly compliment each other.