Feel the love with Sam’s Fitness Service

Setting up a home gym can be stressful. Especially if you are buying gym equipment online. You have to fork out a lot of money upfront, often without seeing the equipment first hand. Then you are at the mercy of the courier companies waiting for your delivery to arrive. Plus then there is the drama of assembling your gym equipment. If you find yourself stressing out, don’t be shy, pick  up the phone and Matt will make you feel all at ease.

Here is what Graham had to say after Matt spread some love around…..

Hi Matt,

No worries. Just letting you know I had a call from the depot around 9:30am and he said they’d load it on a ute and call me 1/2hr before so I could make sure I was there. It arrived around 3pm today (by luck I was home at that time to help him with it off the ute…!)

I appreciate your service and action with this mate and hope I hasn’t caused any stress out for you.

It’s all good mate – built the bench and leg lift and look forward to getting the rest together soon!

(When it comes down to it… What is one week of time out of my Eternity?)

God thinks you’re an amazing man mate, and so do I… All the best and thanks again man!

Cheers, Graham

We have been sending gym equipment around Australia for nearly 10 years now. We have built up years of experience of making the whole process easier and stress free. In this case the transport company were having difficulty reaching the customer to arrange the delivery. Matt stepped in and liased with our account rep and got it sorted.

One of things we always stress if you buy gym equipment over the phone or online is that you have any dramas what so ever with delivery just pick up the phone and we will sort it out. Often customers make the mistake of sitting on issues, or trying to sort them out themselves. Part of our service is that we take care of these for you. Not only because it makes our customer’s life a lot easier, but more importantly we can sort them out a lot quicker.

So if in doubt, give us a shout!