James Compact Ironmaster Home Gym

After years of speaking on the phone, we had the privilege of finally meeting James the other day. James is from the complete opposite end of Australia, living and working around the WA mines, so it was great to put a face to the name. Plus it prompted me to pull the finger out and post his pics that he sent through months ago!

ironmaster home gym

There isn’t too much from the Ironmaster range that James doesn’t have. He has got himself the Ironmaster IM2000 smith machine, Super Bench, adjustable dumbbells and a loads of Ironmaster attachments. The way James has laid out his gym illustrates perfectly just how space efficient the Ironmaster equipment is – leaving plenty of space for the boxing gear.

smith machine home gym

With this set up James can hit bodyparts from all angles with a variety of exercises. The IM2000 gives you machine and cable exercises. Combined with the dumbbells and Olympic bars there are so many exercises that you can do.

A nice touch was adding the Cable Tower Attachment. You are probably asking why double up when you have the cable system on the IM2000. In relative terms, the Cable Tower is not all that expensive and takes up very little footprint. But it allows you to work in supersets with certain exercises. For example if you wanted to do incline smith machine press and superset it with lat pulldowns, you couldn’t do it on the IM2000 alone.

So a big thanks to James for not only sending the pics in, but also stopping by to say G’day. We are only 5-10mins down the road for the airport in Sydney, so if you are one of our out of town customers and you are flying feel free to come by and have a chat. The traffic in Sydney is getting worse by the day, so it is best to get to the airport earlier rather than later. So if you have some time to kill don’t hesitate to stop by.