Joshs Barbarian Power Cage Gym

Big thanks to Josh for sending in a pic of his Barbarian Power Cage Gym. Josh tells me he is in the process of building a new shed, but his set up looks pretty sweet how it is…….

barbarian power cage gym

I don’t care where it is, if you have got yourself a Barbarian Power Cage set up, you have a legit commercial quality free weight system. Josh has upgraded to the 125kg weight stack, so that is a further added degree of luxury – it functions just as good, if not better, than most commercial lat pulldown machines that you would find in a gym.

Being a simple man myself, I was just referring a customer that was interested in a Barbarian cage to the Megatec Power Rack. The customer was a beginner, but I told him even if he was training for years the Megatec is a heavy duty power rack at a great price. The Barbarian is overkill for home applications, but if you have got the money, then why not spoil yourself. It will certainly impress your mates!

You can see also that Josh has got some dumbbells kicking around. Along with your cage, this is all you will ever need for years of quality workouts.

For cardio, Josh has got some boxing gear set up, which is another reason I am a big fan of his gym. Hitting the bags is one of the most stimulating forms of cardio and definitely one of my favourites. Just do one minute rounds, and vary it up doing different combos. I think when you are required to use your brain and concentrate, you tend to gas quicker than just plodding away on a bike or a treadmill.

So thanks again Josh for sharing your gym, even if your gym is a work in progress please send in pics. There are many home gym desperates like myself who get their jollys from checking out people’s set ups. Yes the clean cut, well detailed gyms look great. But gyms with a bit of character like Josh’s are equally as impressive.