Joshs Power Maxx 10-40kg Dumbbell Set

Here is a cracker Power Maxx dumbbell review that we received from Josh in North Queensland. Obviously in these remote parts there aren’t too many options to go and see gym equipment on display so you are pretty much forced to take a punt. With Sam’s Fitness we take the risk out of the equation because we only sell top quality gear, like our Power Maxx Dumbbells.

This is what Josh had to say in his dumbbell review……


Hats off to you guys at Sam’s Fitness for the gear.

Was shipped super quick.Not to mention the commercial quality of the dumbbell rack and the powermaxx dumbbells. 10/10!

Once the set up is done I’ll swing you guys a few pics. (Gonna tackle the leg press tomoz)

Def gonna pass the word on that Sam’s fitness is the only way to anyone that is interested in compact not to mention heavy duty as fuck gym gear.

The best!

Regards Josh”

It is easy to think of dumbbells as just another generic piece of fitness equipment – it doesn’t matter what you buy, just go for the cheapest price. Well nothing could be further from the truth. There is nothing worse than a cheap dumbbell set. That is why we purchase the more expensive commercial dumbbell variety with spring steel handle from our long term supplier.

As you can see from this set up in an SAFL gym below, the Power Maxx dumbbells can see some action in some high performance facilities. So they need to be able to handle serious weight training.

power maxx rubber dumbbells

Although I strongly advise against dropping any dumbbell, dropping a cheap dumbbell will quickly lead to heart ache. For starters the flimsy weld that secures the weight to the handle will crack. So your dumbbell will pretty much be cactus. Secondly the handles will bend – that is why we go for the spring steel.

So there is a good reason why our dumbbells are a bit more expensive – the Power Maxx dumbbells are better quality than the competition.