Marks Ironmaster IM1500 Squat Racks Review

Not all squat racks are created equal. There are some really hot ones on the market, but they are very expensive. Others are just cheap, and with a piece of gym equipment like squat racks, this can downright dangerous. So when you are fitting out a gym for staff you need something that is going to be solid and most importantly safe. So that is why Mark opted for the Ironmaster IM1500 squat rack.

Here is what Mark posted on our Facebook page:

How good does this set up look! The lifting platform really sets this gym off perfectly. Really gives it a hardcore edge.

More importantly it perfectly demonstrates my thinking about this design. You can push it hard up against the wall, store and easily access your weight plates. This spacing allows you to have other equipment, or in this case a barbell stand pushed close to the squat rack. You couldn’t do this with most power racks.

If you look at the inset photo, you will some Power Maxx Dumbbells. If you to maximise your space usage, the 2-20kg round rubber dumbbells are a compact set, which give you a good range of weight. Then you can just add some extra heavier dumbbell pairs. To store extra dumbbells the Powertec Dumbbell Rack is perfect. It is very compact and because it doesn’t have saddles you have a greater degree of flexibility.

It is a simple formula. Quality squat rack + bench + dumbbells = limitless exercises and years of quality training!