Megatec Compact Leg Press Review

Big thanks to Rod for sending in a review and pic of the latest addition to his home gym – the Megatec Compact Leg Press! Rod has got his measurements right to the millimeter and squeezed the machine in perfectly between the wall and his Barbarian Commercial Power Cage.

megatec leg press review

This is what Rod had to say about his new leg machine….

“Hey Sam,

Blown away with you and your teams service!

How awesome is it to order some gear in the morning and use it the same evening…the sled went together really easily (after a trip to Bunnings to get some BIG allen keys). Its in place now and you can see from the pics how much gear actually fits in a tiny space.

Cant wait to smash out some workouts with my new Megatec compact press, they are still sore from playing with the one in your shop on the weekend!

Thanks again mate for the quick service


What did the damage to Rod’s legs? Well it was only 40kgs! The movement on these machines is like nothing else I know – IF YOU PERFORM THE EXERCISE CORRECTLY! You will read mixed reviews about these machines on the net. A lot of people say that you can’t fit enough weight on them. But this is is just ridiculous.

As I explained to Rod, and all our other customers, nobody gives two shits about what anyone can leg press or leg sled. If you walk into a pub and start telling people you can leg press 500kgs people will think you are a wanker. But if you walk in with an impressive barbell squat number you will soon get people’s attention.

So keep the heavy weight, low rep, power work where it belongs. In the power cage.

The Compact Leg Press gives you the complete opposite experience. It is meant to isolate the quads by banging out some reps. If used properly, slowly controlled movements driving through your heels, you will hit muscles that you haven’t used before. Just like Rob did with only 40kgs.

This allows you to work the quads intensely, without loading up your spine.

This machine is also great for performing single leg exercises. You will be devastated how little you can lift with only one leg. But by introducing a little instability into the movement, it fires off even more muscles around the knee joint.

Now for the bad news – we have run out! The IFS range of products (Megatec, Barbarian Line & ATX) have just exploded in Europe. They were struggling with stock, so weren’t able to get orders out of their warehouse fast enough. Due to the 2 month transit time from Germany, products are selling out before they arrive to us in Australia.

So if you are interested in a product, just use the “Notify Me” function and we will keep you in the loop of the progress.