Mitchs Review of Sams Fitness

Big thanks to Mitch for sending in a review of Sam’s Fitness. This is what Mitch said……..

Hi samsfitness.

Just writing to give you a big wrap.

I purchased some Olympic plates and rack on Friday and received them early Tuesday morning on the Sunshine Coast Queensland. Awesome customer service.

You helped me out with a handle for my powertec bench and quality of your service is excellent. I will be a returning customer.

Thank you for all your help.

Mitch O’Connor

If you go through our reviews you will probably see a few with comments regarding our speedy delivery times. I am often reluctant to post these just in case people get their expectations too high.

We pride ourselves on getting nearly all our orders out the door, the next day after we receive them. But then we rely on transport companies……. For those of you who deal with transport companies in your own job you will know exactly what I mean. They can sometimes do some strange things!

To counter this, we have stuck solid with the same companies over the years. So if there ever is a drama, we know the ins and outs of getting it resolved as quickly as possible. So even if your delivery doesn’t go as planned, we do the chasing for you and get it resolved as quickly as possible. I think this is our big advantage over the competition.

Personally I don’t get much time to go shopping – plus can’t stand shopping centres – so I do most of my shopping online. So I hate it when there is a delivery drama and the business turns their back on you. We will always be here to help.

In regards to the spare part, we were able to sort Mitch out with a handle for leg extensions on his Powertec weights bench. Mitch had purchased a power rack and bench 2nd hand and we were only too happy to help him out.

That is another difference to the competition. They struggle to supply spares to their existing customers, let alone 2nd hand ones. Although we can’t always get hold of rare parts, we have kept many an old Powertec gym in service by fitting it out with some parts that often get lost when trading 2nd hand.