Nathans Powertec Multi System Gym

Big thanks goes out to Nathan for sending a picture of his new Powertec Multi System home gym. This is what Nathan had to say about his new home gym…

“Massive thanks to u matt for all u have done… Couldn’t b more happier with the home gym”

powertec multi system gym

Along with the Powertec multi station gym, Nathan also got some of the Powertec gym attachments. In my humble opinion, the Leg Lift attachment is mandatory. Leg extensions and leg curls have received a bit of negative publicity over recent years as weight training swung dramatically to strictly compound exercises. But from personal experience, after my physio got me doing both these exercises I have noticed a massive improvement in my hamstring strength, and knee stability.

The preacher curl attachment has always been a big hit, as there is really no better way to isolate the biceps. Not only from the smooth and precise motion of the lever arm, but also due to the ability to adjust the angle of the preacher pad. Here is a classic video demonstrating this in action.

The pec fly attachment is a great way to add some variety to your workout, particularly if you don’t have a set of quality adjustable dumbbells. If you want to do multiple exercises for chest, having a fly option is a great way to keep the pump in your chest, while giving your body a rest from the drain of heavy pressing. Lee Priest gives you all the tips in this video on how to utilise the fly movement in your chest workout.

So with the combination of the Powertec Multi System and the multiple attachments, we can safely say that Nathan has got many years of quality training ahead of him!